14 Terrifying Films with an Unmatched Cast

While some horror films are known for their iconic performances, others are beloved due to their ensemble casts. This list will focus on the latter.  

“I've never been that smitten with singular movie performances because movies are collaborative,” one movie fan said. “I like the chemistry between the actors. I like the atmosphere that arises between a lively cast.” 

Halloween (1978)

The Halloween franchise keeps coming back and for good reason. Jamie Lee Curtis is a fan favorite, and the old films stand the test of time, all the way to the new ones.  

Jaws (1975)

Members and movie buffs alike say that the cast of Jaws is one of the main reasons they love the film so much. If it weren't for the cast, they might not have watched what is now a classic.  

Cabin In The Woods (2011)

The Joss Whedon horror film turns the genre on its head, playing into multiple tropes. While Chris Hemsworth is the biggest star, the supporting cast all bring their A-game. 

28 Days Later (2002)

The 2002 film by Danny Boyle made us completely terrified of zombies all over again. As imposing as the undead are, equally as impressive is the movie's cast. 

The Thing (1982)

The Thing? It might legitimately be the best horror movie, so it checks out,” another answered.  

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

“So far, there are some excellent choices, but this one got both lead acting Oscars, and the supporting cast is stacked up,” one fan stated. 

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