Sci-fi Shows That Shouldn’t Have Been Canceled

This article touches on the shows that almost became classics; a love song to the unsung TV shows that captured hearts but didn't make enough money or ratings to capture the hearts of network executives

In an alternate universe, maybe these sci-fi shows that shouldn't have been canceled finished airing. Maybe their viewers loved them there as fans did here. 


Sadly, just as fans began to warm up to the show in its second season, it got canceled owing to poor ratings and exorbitant production costs. 

The 4400

This show ran for four seasons and picked up loyal fans, but it got canceled for lower-than-anticipated ratings.

Flash Forward

It seemed like the creators of this show conspired to leave viewers in the dark about its ending because that cliffhanger at the finale of season one would unsettle and hold any audience spellbound.


In just one season, Caprica drew viewers in with its rich characters, vibrant storytelling, and dark overtones. It seemed a worthy heir to the beloved Battlestar Galactica, the show that aired in 2004.


How can a show capture the hearts of many with just fourteen episodes? How can so many people care about a show, and yet the producers and the Fox network deem this dedication and interest inadequate?


Despite the big budget that went into this show and the masterful guidance of directors Jantje Friese and Baron bo Odar, who also shepherded the masterpiece Dark, it couldn't make it beyond one season. 

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