Searches for “Delete Twitter” Explodes 910% After Musk Sale Announced Story

Elon Musk says he's buying Twitter to protect free speech.

But searches for “Delete Twitter” exploded – cresting 910% in the hours following the announcement that the Twitter board voted to approve Musk's take-over, according to

The Internet and Twitter itself already proved incendiary after Musk's announcement after April 1st that he now owned 9.2% of Twitter shares, making him the largest shareholder.

He was routinely criticized for once again using the microblogging turned social media platform to try and manipulate the market.

The CEO and Board of Directors responded, creating a poison pill plan to flood additional shares on the market if there were signs of a hostile takeover.

Musk one-upped the board by offering to buy the company anyways – to the tune of $44-billion – and when they balked, going to the people.

A couple weeks earlier, he posted a Twitter poll that went viral, asking if people believed that Twitter rigorously adhered to the principle of free speech. The overwhelming response – by a 70-30 margin – was no.

But not everyone is on board, or believes that Musk is aiming at free speech when acquiring Twitter. Or that it reverting to a privately held company is the right move.

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