25 Standout Moments from Stranger Things Season 4

With the release of Season 4 in two volumes and the knowledge that Season 5 will be the final chapter in the series, the show has reached its exciting penultimate place in television history.

From how music was incorporated to the exceptional performances, so many moments stood out this season. Let's explore the greatest ones.

The entirety of Season 4 had been building up to this moment, so it should be no surprise that this would reside in the top spot for this season's most outstanding.

A Montage of Heroes, Villains, and Monsters

It is a beautiful metaphor for those struggling that you can find the strength within yourself to break free from your trauma and find peace waiting for you in the arms of those you love.

Max Faces Off With Vecna and Runs up That Hill

To draw the bats away, he plays Metallica's “Master of Puppets” atop the Upside Down's version of his van, performing in the name of his classmate Chrissy whom Vecna killed right in from of him.

Eddie Munson's Heroics

The reunion for the father and daughter that are not bonded by blood shared but by hearts united was as beautifully emotional as one would hope for.

Eleven and Hopper are Reunited

From Max's utter terror she displays, saying she's not ready to die to Lucas refusing to let her go to Eleven proclaiming that this will not be Max's fate, the moment is filled with heartbreak and profundity.

Max's Fate and the Love of Her Friends

Thanks to a chilling performance by Jamie Campbell Bower, the truth of this man's identity becomes a captivating moment as he waxes poetic about who he is, revealing this evil that lurks inside him.

Eleven's Revelation and the Truth of Vecna's Identity

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