Does Taylor Swift Have a Second Brain, and Do You Need One Too?

Taylor has made several documentaries showcasing her writing process. She told NPR that it always starts with an idea. “I think that's what keeps drawing me to songwriting: the spontaneity of how you can get an idea at 4 in the morning or while walking through the airport.”

Building a second brain is about getting the ideas out of your head and into an external system. Then, use software to link the concepts and make them accessible everywhere.

Taylor Swift's Process: – She recognizes when inspiration strike – She records it with her phone – She processes and edits it with her phone

When you get an idea, or someone tells you something, you must rely on your brain to remember it and use it at the right time in the future. But anyone who has ever lost something, forgotten something, or had a good idea but not acted on it knows that your brain isn't a computer. It's imperfect and acts like it.

What Is a Second Brain?

A second brain simply put, is an external system for holding information. Also called personal knowledge management, a second brain is more than just a digital filing cabinet. Knowledge within it is interlinked, just like in your brain.

If you want to be more effective, the answer is yes. Researchers now know that the average person has approximately 6200 thoughts a day, much less than previously thought but still a vast amount of information.

Is a Second Brain Only for Creative People?

When you have a good idea or read one, are you relying on your brain to remember it? If you are, you are losing most of those ideas in your mind.

Imagine how effective you could be at work if you retained more of what you read and had a bank of the best thoughts in your pocket.

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