The Secret Signs of Geniuses:

Women Share Their Top Findings

Intelligence can be in how you react to sensitive cases, how you dress, communicate, and even walk. And yes, it does matter. So, how do you know a smart person from a dumb one?

How do you know when to walk away from an argument because the person you're arguing with is close-minded and, well, dumb? You might want to check out these tell-tale signs.

Intelligent people are generally very open-minded. They are willing to hear different opinions and see things from an opposite view, even though they think it may be wrong.

They Are Open-Minded

People with little to no knowledge often act very arrogant and turn a deaf ear to other perspectives. Whereas, people with much knowledge are down to earth and willing to grow.


Naturally, one has to crave information to be intelligent. Otherwise, they can be stuck with the same knowledge they had for a long while, which counters the whole idea of intelligence.


Intelligent people can hold conversations on a wide array of subjects, because of their wealth of knowledge, which they have amassed due to an insatiable curiosity.

They Can Hold Conversations

Again, no one knows it all. You should be able to admit that you are wrong, and be willing to take corrections. If a plant isn't growing, it's dying; the same is true for intelligent people.

Being Willing to Admit When They Are Wrong

You do not have to repeat or extensively analyze what you're saying for them to get your point. They also understand very quickly, even when you're not done making your point. Sounds amazing, right?

They Easily Understand Your Points

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