Grow Your Notes With Seed Paper

Sustainable management of our planet’s resources is as important as it has ever been. In direct correlation, our world’s preference for sustainable packaging is growing.

Seed paper, a compostable paper containing growable seeds, is finding its place in the sustainable packaging market niche.

Market Need

Trivium Packaging’s 2021 Global Buying Green Report strongly suggests that the world is opting more and more for sustainable packaging.

The study found that 54% of consumers say the sustainability of the packaging is a factor in their product selection process.

People are hungry for new ways they can reduce their plastic waste. Seed paper is increasingly appealing because it is a creative approach to sustainable living.

Seed Paper – What is it, Why is it Gaining Popularity?

Seed paper is made with post-consumer and post-industrial paper, generally paper without chemical treatment and coloring.

Used paper is churned with water and soaked until reaching a mushy consistency, at which point seeds are mixed into the pulp and distributed evenly.

The idea is to use your finished seed paper as paper and then plant it in your garden. The paper will decompose in the soil’s natural biome, and the seeds will become flowers for pollinators or even food for your table.

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