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The 10 Seinfeld Video Game Levels We’re Dying To Play

In an online forum, u/MadDogTannen wanted to know, “If Seinfeld were a video game, what would some of the levels be? Here are some of my ideas, but I'd love to hear yours."

– A driving level where you have to get soda cans to Michigan on Mother's day while tracking Jerry's stolen car and dodging JFK's golf clubs.

– A trivia level against the Bubble Boy, followed by a fight against the Bubble Boy over the word moops.

– A maze level in a mall parking garage where you have to find your car while you race against the clock of Elaine's goldfish's health meter and Jerry's bladder (You can reset Jerry's bladder meter by peeing, but you have to find a safe place to do it or risk being arrested).

Seinfeld fans weighed in to create a list of ideas for levels if they made a Seinfeld video game.

Cat Fight

Lewkatz also suggested, ‘Cat Fight.' Mortal Kombat-type battle. Playable characters include Elaine (w/ special move Little Kicks), Raquel Welch (w/ special move Tony Smash), and Sam (w/ special move Windmill Arms). Finish Her!”

Home Run Derby

Remember the episode where Bette Midler plays ball? Redditor Lewkatz volunteered, “Home Run Derby–Playable characters include Jerry, Bette Midler, Keith Hernandez, and Danny Tartabull.”

Muffin Stumps Delivery

Celticdouble07 elaborated, “You must drop off muffin stumps at different dump sites before your time is up. But you can't drive too fast or crazy because the bus passengers will throw up their pizza/bagels/donuts/pound cakes.”

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