Going it Alone:

How to Sell a House by Owner

Citing a dual desire to maintain control over the process and save money, more and more younger people are opting to upgrade their living situation, taking advantage of For Sale by Owner (FSBO).

FSBO has been around for decades, but as more millennials move from their first to their second home, 36% are choosing to go it alone, as are about a quarter of GenX-ers.

Pricing Your Home

Don't make the mistake of overpricing your home. Agents will use your home to make their own listings look cheap by comparison.

Advertising Your Home

Plan to buy advertising and yard signs. And pay to get your house listed on the local MLS. While the MLS is not available to consumers listing homes, some brokerages or platforms offer the service for a flat fee.

If your floors are delicate, offer a place for shoes and socks or slippers to visitors. Turn on lights, set the temperature to a comfortable level, and keep everything neat and clutter-free.

Showing Your Home

Negotiating the Sale

The buyers or their agents normally draft the sales agreement. You’ll evaluate offers and perhaps counter them, eventually agreeing. Learn in advance how to write a counter offer. You don’t have to accept the buyer’s offer, but you should always counter.

Federal and state laws mandate that you disclose “material” facts. You must give the buyer a copy of all required disclosures. Have your buyer sign a receipt indicating that you provided them.

How to Sell by Owner: Paperwork

Alternatives to FSBO

Other service levels at varying price points let you save money by doing things you don’t mind while paying someone to do things you don’t like. Online self-help platforms let sellers decide how much service they want and what they want to pay.

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