How to Answer ‘sell me this pen!’ in an Interview

Salesperson or not, acquiring the techniques for selling small things like pens and milkshake machines give you the power to ultimately sell bigger things and achieve your dreams in the future.

How to answer this question if it ever comes your way, and what mistakes do most people make while answering it?

You should make it look as if you’re doing the other person a favor. This lies in the way you set and ask your questions. They should bring the client to a thought that you already establish.

Creating a Problem or a Niche

This way, he will buy the pen, thinking it’s the only way to get rid of his newly-found problem, and you’ll get yourself a satisfied buyer.

All you have to do is build a need for your product, thought, or idea in your client’s mind.

Suggesting a Solution

You can start by asking people what they want in a pen and explaining how these features aren’t in the pen they’re using currently. Now, the pen you’re selling becomes a solution for them that they may purchase easily.

For example, while selling a pen using the value-added approach, you can state what it’s made of and what it can do.

The Value Addition Approach

The reason this procedure is commonly used is that it seems straightforward. You’re not beating around the bush while attempting to make a sale. Instead, you get to the point.

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