Age and Wisdom?

1 in 9 Seniors Say They Still Don’t Have Life Figured Out

Although age brings wisdom, one in nine Americans 64 and older still don’t have life figured out, according to new research.

A survey of 2,000 Americans 64 and older dispelled the idea that older people have all the answers, although more than half (57%) said everyone expects them to do just that.

Fifty-four percent of respondents even said they feel like there’s “always” or “often” pressure on them to make the best decisions, and nearly a fifth (17%) agree that decision-making is actually harder as they get older.

One in seven admit they tend to prioritize their wants over their needs, which is where they could use outside help. Two-thirds of seniors said they consult others before making a big decision, but this isn’t always easy. Twenty-six percent said relying on others is one of the scariest parts of aging.

Conducted by OnePoll for ClearMatch Medicare, the survey found that seniors used to feel most confident about making large financial purchases (29%) and investing (28%) on their own but would now consult others about those decisions beforehand (31%, 35% respectively).

Respondents said they’d also ask for help regarding facets of their health, like choosing a healthcare plan (27%) or changing their diet (18%).

To help them make decisions, seniors are most likely to trust their partner (44%), revealing that they’re the least judgmental (31%) and most helpful (32%) person in their life.

Who to Trust?

Seniors have struggled to find their “perfect match” in different areas of their lives over the past five years. Even when seeking help, 40% have found themselves in a situation where they committed to something that wasn’t right for them within the past five years.

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