Pushing Limits: 

14 Twisted Movies That Will Challenge Your Comfort Zone

If you're looking for twisted movies that will shock you, there are a number of go-to options that film fans say fit the bill. 

Here are 14 movies that fans in a popular online forum said will challenge your comfort zone. 

Hard Candy (2005)

In Hard Candy, Elliot Page stars as a 14-year-old girl who meets an older, handsome photographer online. She agrees to come over to his house, where a seriously twisted cat-and-mouse game ensues. 

Trainspotting (1996)

One person confessed, “I love Trainspotting, but it's one of those films that, after having a kid, I don't think I could ever watch again.” Another agreed, writing, “I came here for this. The baby scene shook me!” 

Swiss Army Man (2016)

One movie fan nominated Swiss Army Man, which they said was “quite a journey.” This is one of those movies where you know in the opening credits scene if it's the movie for you or not. 

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Requiem for a Dream is a movie many said blew their minds. One fan admitted, “I love this movie and always watch it again. It's just the score and the cinematography makes me love it so much.” 

One-Hour Photo (2002)

A movie lover nominated One Hour Photo. “That movie is crazy. It's the first time I realized what a brilliant dramatic actor Robin Williams was,” they said. Another added, “He made such an awesome creeper.” 

Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

One movie fan said, “My mom (not a horror enthusiast at all) rented this thinking it was something like Peter Pan. So we watched it together and it's seriously messed up.” 

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