Seven Amazing Hispanics Who Shaped The World in Incredible Ways

From groundbreaking discoveries to influential contributions in the arts, sciences, politics and more, Hispanics played a critical role in shaping our world.

These seven exceptional Hispanics have left an indelible mark on history, inspiring generations to come. 

As the pioneer of fantastic magical realism, Gabriel García Márquez spread Latin American literature to the farthest reaches of the globe.

Gabriel García Márquez

Despite the fact that many experts contend that García Márquez had previously written books as brilliant or even more so, such as La Hojarasca, many still consider One Hundred Years of Solitude to be his greatest work.

Luis Ernesto Miramontes Cárdenas, a Chemistry student at UNAM, made a discovery that empowered women worldwide, aided governments in birth control, and contributed to family planning.

Luis Miramontes

Known Spanish-Colombian researcher Manuel Elkin Patarroyo created the first malaria vaccine, SPf66, which interferes with the erythrocytic phase. 

Manuel Elkin Patarroyo

Her greatest accomplishment was becoming a feminist icon. She upheld women's roles in society and defied drawing conventions that dictated how women should be portrayed—usually as male figures. 

Frida Kahlo

Perseverance and never-ending thirst for knowledge drove Guillermo González Camarena to build his first television camera using scrap radio parts in 1934. He was only 17 years old. 

Guillermo González Camarena

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