Commandments from The Seven Deadly Sins



Derieri the Purity

a powerful demon of brute force and enhanced senses


Drole the Patience

Drole, or also known as Balor, is the founder of the Giant Clan.


Estarossa the Love

Taking the place of Meliodas, Estarossa becomes the demon after the seal is broken by Hendrickson.


Fraudrin the Selflessness

Fraudrin is first introduced as the demon that has been possessing Knight Dreyfus for the past 10 years.


Galand the Truth

a battle crazed, elite warrior of the Ten Commandments serving under the Demon King.ding on his feet.


Gloxinia the Repose

She is the first king of the Fairy King’s Forest but then turned into a demon after the betrayal of a human named Rou and Stigma.


Grayroad the Pacifism

Grayroad is a mutated gray demon and the youngest among the Ten Commandments.


Melascula the Faith

Though she was originally a small poisonous snake that has lived for 300 years bathing in miasma from the Demon Realm.


Monspeet the Reticence

Unlike the rest, Monspeet is not one for violence. He mostly acts as a gentleman in contrast to Derieri’s brash and rude personality. 


Zeldris the Piety

Zeldris is the leader of the Ten Commandments. He is also Meliodas’ younger brother and the youngest child of the Demon King.