Shark Tank Questions Every Entrepreneur Needs to Ask

While there’s plenty of scripted drama on Shark Tank, the show can be invaluable for real business owners. The questions on Shark Tank are questions venture capital analysts ask daily about the potential investments firms are considering in early-stage small businesses.

Even if you’re not looking for business funding, these Shark Tank questions will help you guide your business, stay competitive, and grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Hint, the right answer here is not because you need the money. Money isn’t an end for a business, but a means for growth and development. So how can you use extra resources to grow your company?

Why Do You Want This Investment?

Why Give Away Part of Your Company Right Now?

Why not wait until the company has grown more to sell a share for more money? Why is right now the best time for this growth?

Again, cash isn’t the right answer. This isn’t just when seeking an angel investor. When you bring someone into your business, ask yourself what they contribute. What is their value beyond just their money or their time?

Do You Want a Partner or the Cash?

Can This Product Be Licensed?

Licensing your product or franchising the service can be a great way to grow sales while limiting your own risk.

Since a new business is much more likely to have sales than profits, it’s a less risky form of investment. For owners, it can be a good source of cash and investor skills without giving up an ownership share of profits.

Will You Accept a Royalty Instead of Giving Away Equity?

A great question for any business owner is, how would you grow your business if money was not an issue? What would you do if you had unlimited resources to grow? Conversely, what would you do if you had no money with which to invest?

How Will You Use the Money to Grow Your Business?

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