10 Common Sense Things a Shocking Amount of People Don’t Know

Welcome to a world where common sense isn't always so common. It's a place where people manage to complicate the simplest of tasks, and where the most obvious solutions remain hidden in plain sight.

But fear not, because we're about to embark on a journey that will uncover those hidden gems of wisdom that many seem to have overlooked.

How To Respond to Emergency

Many people think they know what to do in case of an emergency, and then find when the inevitable happens, they lose all of that knowledge.

You Can't Order Chicken Medium Rare

Evidently, it is pretty common for people to order chicken… medium rare. One member says that it happens all the time, and it's insufferable!

Waiting for The Elevator to Clear

One person answered, “You should wait for people to get off the elevator when it arrives at your floor instead of cramming yourself in when the doors open, blocking their departure. The same goes for public transportation.”

Chicken Needs To Be Thoroughly Cooked

“A guest requested their chicken to be cooked medium rare this week. I don't understand why I must stress that chicken only leaves the kitchen when it's thoroughly cooked,” admitted one user.

First Aid

One member stated, “People living alone, please Google how to do a Heimlich on yourself. And remind yourself regularly. It could save your life when you have no one else around.”

Spotting Obvious Scams

“How to spot an obvious scam. Look how many people fall for those clickbait articles, chain posts, propaganda, etc.,” stated one person.

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