Should Americans Be Buying Gold With Their 401(k)?

Retiring In The Bear Market:

Gold has been one of the world’s most precious metals for years and is considered a hedge against inflation. And now its starting to look like a financially viable option for some retirees and those soon to be retiring.

While it’s not completely possible to purchase gold or other precious commodities with a 401(k), there is another option. Americans looking to acquire precious metals can open a self-directed Gold IRA.

Perhaps the most chosen avenue for some is to open a self-directed gold or precious metals IRA. This can be done using government-approved gold dealers and brokers, who will be instated as the account trustee.

Why Roll Over Your 401(k) Into a Gold IRA

It’s important to consider why this option is best-suited for slowing economic conditions.

Instead of keeping a majority of your money or investments in the stock market, a gold IRA helps to broaden and diversify your current financial availability.

Allows to diversify retirement funds

A valuable hedge against inflation

One of the most prominent arguments for gold is it acts as a strong hedge against inflation. And in recent years, when we look at market performance during an economic downturn, it’s true that when the greater macro economy sinks, gold prices tend to increase.

A great portion of the modern economy runs on the stock market or investments such as cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). While these are also desirable retirement fund options, they come with added risks and volatility.

Having access to tangible assets

Owning gold gives you physical ownership of something that won’t depreciate or lose value in turbulent market conditions.

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