These TV Shows Scored a Zero on Rotten Tomatoes

Bad dialogue, tone-deaf humor, politically incorrect thematics, distasteful humor, misuse or awful CGI, and special effect directions cause zero percent ratings. 

Of every show Rotten Tomatoes has rated, only ten added up to zero percent. If you want to keep from subjecting yourself to hours of this allegedly awful content, stick around and read a summary of why these shows tanked instead. 

Snowflake Mountain

Snowflake mountain plays on the premise of Gen Z kids who don’t yet know how to make their beds, thrown into the wilderness to fend for themselves. 

Charlie’s Angels

The show looks and acts more like Real Housewives than a retelling of the iconic 70s show. 

South of Hell

Despite South of Hell’s low budget, the crew had some talented, albeit lazy people. The vocal editing is noticeable and distracting, and the constant narration makes it difficult to focus on the plot.

My Big Fat Greek Life

The comedy did not work, the actors did not care about their performances, and Entertainment Weekly said Nia Vardalos, the main character had reprehensions about filming the show. 


Besides blatant racism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny, the dialogue in Dads lacked humor and originality. 

The Alec Baldwin Show

Most reviews for this show claimed Baldwin and Trump share one common character trait: narcissism. 

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