15 Essential Scary Movies to Stream on Shudder Right Now

While Netflix’s continued survival is, at best, tenuous, Shudder is one streaming service that delivers in three key areas: original content, classics (dubbed “slashics”), and awful B movies that more people need to be watching instead of Real Housewives.

Eaten Alive

This movie feels like midnight, no matter when you watch it. And with a supporting role played by Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Final Girl Marilyn Burns, Eaten Alive functions as a totally bizarre, spiritual sequel to the chainsaw-wielding trailblazer.

The Deadly Spawn

1983’s The Deadly Spawn is the definitive B movie. It has a fun premise, decent-enough effects, and such terrible acting that it’s almost delivering camp.

Daughters of Darkness

While elements of vampire stories often feel redundant, Daughters of Darkness manages to carve out some individuality, and the ending might even surprise you.

Anything For Jackson

While supernatural films can often stumble into repetitive fright patterns, Anything For Jackson constantly challenges itself to develop new ways to scare its audience. And we’re happy to report that they succeeded.


While the premise is a wild and off-color reimagining of Frankenstein, it manages to sift through all the body parts to unleash some genuine pathos. Like The Deadly Spawn, it’s a great low-fright horror flick for the spook-curious in your life. 

The Stylist

Jill Gevargizian’s The Stylist is a darkly comedic and disturbed deep dive into obsession, desire, and coveting that which we cannot have.


Coupled with some genuine scares, a decent monster, and a legitimately unhinged sequence at a backyard wedding, Alligator is the perfect film for anyone who loves creature features but hates what CGI did to the sub-genre. 

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