21 Best Side Hustles for Teens To Make Extra Money

Teens typically want more independence as they get older. They often reach a point where they don't want to rely on mom and dad for every penny, but they might not have time for a part-time job yet.

It doesn't mean teens can't work, though. Teens have many options for side hustles to make more money than a part-time job would make.

After narrowing their list of what they like to do, teens can match their skills and passions with the top side hustles for teens. They can also mix and match, doing a couple of side hustles to maximize the money they earn to reach their financial goals.

Market research companies pay people to answer surveys online. Teens can do this during any free time, day or night, and earn a few extra dollars. Some surveys take longer than others and pay accordingly, so it's a good gig for teens looking to make extra money.

Answer Surveys

It's the advertisement exposure companies care about, so they push popular games out to teens to encourage them to play for pay while secretly advertising too.

Play Games

Micro-task websites make it easy to make money online. For example, you can make money watching videos (ads) or doing other small tasks, such as visiting a website, reviewing music, or reading an email.

Watch Videos and Do Other Small Tasks

Teens interested in graphic design with some training (either school or self-taught) can make money as website designers. It works best if teens create a portfolio of their past work to show potential clients what they can do.

Website Designer

It takes time, and commitment, though. Pick out an excellent niche to start with. For example, teens that love books shouldn't blog about just any books. Instead, they should choose a genre and narrow their audience.


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