10 Most Outrageous Childhood Misconceptions We All Fell For

Ah, to be a child again, finding wonder in everything, not having a care in the world, no bills to pay, and still believing in Santa Claus? Those were the days.

But the existence of Jolly Old St. Nicholas isn't the only thing children believe that isn't true.

“When I was young, I had a BB gun,” one person shared on social media. “I was honestly always safe with it. Spent my days plinking targets in the yard and such."

A BB Gun Could Take a Plane Down

"I have no idea what possessed me, but one day I saw an airplane flying way overhead, and I decided I wanted to see if I could hit it. For months I worried myself to death that I might have shot it down.”

u/genocide-inciter admitted, “I believed the world was monochrome in the older days.” u/Ocelot859 agreed, replying, “Ouuuu okay, see this is a good and creative one. I also believed life was literally in black and white because of seeing old film. Upvote this man.”

The World Used to be Black and White

This one is surprisingly common and may partially stem from the fact that cat products are presented as if cats are female, and dog products are shown as if dogs are male (there are pet brands called “Good Girl” and “Good Boy” for cats and dogs, respectively).

Cats Are Female, Dogs Are Male

We can all remember being told that we shouldn't swallow chewing gum (which, for the record, genuinely isn't advisable), but our digestive systems are more than capable of handling it in less than seven years.

Chewing Gum Takes Years to Digest

u/JustinCooksStuff provided a wonderfully specific answer, saying “I thought it was pronounced brather not rather. Would you brather walk or ride bikes. No one corrected me for like 2-3 years. I guess I didn’t say it often enough for people to notice?”


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