8 Easy Ways To Save Money Starting Today

Stop Being Broke:

We all think from time to time that we'll never get out from under our money issues.

We look at our 30-year mortgages and see that we still owe thousands and thousands, our car payments never seem to end, and every month we may struggle to stay “in the black” because of habits we developed years ago of buying with credit or impulse buying.

But there are many simple ways to save money in the short and long term. Here, listed for your consideration, are just a few ways to save money that are simple, relatively painless, and work.

Paying Off Debt

Mortgages can be paid off quickly by adding as little as $25 per month to the principal. Years and thousands of dollars can be saved the more you can apply.

Buying with cash can help stop impulse buying and make you pause to reflect on the purchase and plan purchases better. You can even save the change you get, and you'll be shocked at the totals you accumulate in just a month or two.

Buy With Cash


A windfall can be an insurance settlement, a bonus at work, a gift from friends or relatives, a tax refund, or even a raise in pay. Always take a portion of that windfall and save it.

When it comes to a significant purchase, plan ahead to save and buy when you already have the money. If done that way, you avoid a substantial outlay at one time, and that will prevent you from carrying a credit card balance with interest.

Save First, Spend Later.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lowering your thermostat in winter and raising it in summer by an extra degree can save you 1% of your monthly energy costs.

Control Your Home Environment.

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