“Simply the Breast” Is Simply the Best Wallpaper to Buy in October

Sometimes it might be okay to cop a feel. — But only if it is copping a feel of one’s breasts or chest in hopes of saving lives.

Feeling up one’s breasts and looking for lumps early can help detect cancer early and prevent death. That’s the message two United Kingdom-based companies want to send.

That’s precisely the idea behind Neighbor.com, an online marketplace that connects people with extra storage space to offer to people who need to store household goods and other items.

Since 2021, approximately 12% of all new annual cancer cases worldwide have been specifically breast cancer, making it the most common cancer. And in recent years, incidences of breast cancer have increased by 0.5% per year – an increase of 242 percent in the last 50 years.

The wallpaper company, Graham & Brown, has partnered with CoppaFeel! to bring more awareness to breast cancer, especially during October, traditionally Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The two organizations worked together, designing a new wallpaper they named “Simply the Breast.”

The playful wallpaper features abstract drawings of women wearing lingerie. The wallpaper creators advise the best rooms for the wallpaper include the bathroom, dressing room, or bedroom. They also add the wallpaper adds a feminine edge to any room.

The wallpaper encourages young women and men to develop a healthy relationship with their chests, check their breasts and pecs consistently, and regularly visit the doctor or gynecologist.

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