Situational Questions Managers Should Ask in Job Interview

Situational interview questions are similar to behavioral interview questions in some ways, but they go much deeper.

Here are six common situational interview questions. They can help interviewers find star employees — even if they can be intimidating to answer.

Here's what's happening inside interviewers' heads when they ask these questions.

How they answer this question can help you see how they handle conflict in high-stress situations. It also shows you how well they work with fellow team members.

How Would You Handle a Stressful Situation Where You Had to Work With a Difficult Manager, Supervisor, Colleague, or Client?

This example shows how the potential employee handles criticism. It can also reveal how they think about themselves.

How Would You Handle an Instance of Receiving Criticism From a Superior, and What Would Be Your Response?

Another good question for seeing how a person deals with conflict, this question gives insights into a person’s social behavior and behavior in a work environment.

How Would You Handle a Situation Where You Were Working on a Team, and a Conflict Arose?

These questions will help you better understand the kind of work environment they are looking for and how well they handle dissatisfaction.

If You Were Dissatisfied With an Aspect of Your Job, How Would You Handle It?

As with question #3, this can help you gauge the candidate's level of honesty in admitting she was wrong.

Describe a Time You Made a Mistake With a Colleague or Client. How Did You Work Through It?

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