Small Closet Organization Ideas for a Clean and Clutter-Free Home

Few people are blessed with a large closet, much less a fancy walk-in one. Most of us have small closets that are utilized to store our possessions in our homes.

With a small closet, it is often very challenging to keep it organized and clutter-free. It may seem like small closets won't have enough space for all your stuff.

However, we can use organizational storage solutions to help keep our closet organized and maximize its true storage potential.

Declutter The Closet

Let's face it – everything in our closet doesn't belong there. With limited space in a small closet, keeping your closet free and clear of clutter is important. Decluttering helps you see what you have, assess it, and decide what to keep, purge and toss.

While it's easy to become attached to things in our closet, once you declutter, consider donating these items to your local thrift store, upcycle the clutter or sell them online to make some extra cash.

A double-rod closet system is an excellent way to maximize the space in a small closet. Double rods instantly add twice the space for hanging clothes in your closet and increase the closet's storage.

Use a Double Rod

Coordinated hangers help to keep your wardrobe more streamlined and organized. It creates a cohesive look among your items and gives the appearance of a much neater space.

Matching Hangers

Tiered hangers can help you to save hanging space in your closet. On a tiered hanger, you can combine multiple clothing of similar styles on a single hanger. This hanging storage works well for items such as skirts and blouses.

Tiered Hangers

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