Son Pretends Not To Recognize Parents Years After They Abandoned Him

Reddit user u/throwaway_9572847 was raised by his uncle and aunt, not because his parents had passed away, but because his older sister fell ill and his parents felt it was wise to go dump him over at his grandparents.

His parents gave him no explanation about what was going on, neither did they tell his grandparents what they had in mind.

They only told him he was going to visit his grandparents for “a while,” but they never came back for him.

Luckily, his uncle took him in and he started living with them. Since the “visit”, he had only seen his parents five times and not once for the past nine years.

He stopped trying to reach out to them when he was twelve, seeing as communication was only one-sided, with him always being the one trying to reach out to them (his parents).

Everything turned out okay for him living with his uncle and aunt as they were more than good to him, and formally adopted him when he turned eighteen.

Fast forward to a few years later, he was now twenty-one and his sister passed away between Thanksgiving and Christmas. He came back from school to attend the funeral, but made sure to leave before his biological parents got the chance to speak to him.

They tried getting his adoptive father (uncle) to get across to him, all to no avail until they caught up with him during Christmas at a midnight mass he attended with his grandma.

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