10 Reasons Why You’re Spending Too Much This Holiday Season, How to Avoid It

Most of us spend too much during the holidays, and most of us finish them feeling more stressed than we went into them.

We tell ourselves it’s inevitable, but it’s really not. Being aware of why we over-spend can be the first step towards sticking to a sensible holiday budget.

Here are ten reasons we tend to spend more than we need to, as soon as holiday madness hits.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and All Those Other Pre-holiday Sales

There’s a reason pre-holiday sales are so popular with merchants. They know that if the average consumer tends to overspend on their holiday shopping, a consumer in a competitive sale environment tends to go budget-blowing crazy.

The secret to sensible budgeting is planning, and you can’t plan if you don’t know in advance what will be on sale.

Pride and Expectations

During the holidays we spend time with family we don’t see very often, and sadly there’s sometimes a reason we don’t see them more. Perhaps they’re people we feel competitive with or who have unrealistic expectations, so we buy them a high-end gift for all the wrong reasons.

Instead of an overly pricey present, try putting in the time to find a less expensive but truly thoughtful or appropriate gift. That can be just as impressive.

Whether you have a toddler, you want to bless with every toy in the store, or a teenager who needs the latest gadget, think before you buy. If you know your small child will spend more time playing with the wrapping, reign in the amount, you spend.

Perfect Parent Pressure

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