10 Spooky Spaces for Horror Lovers in Chicago

Chicago is a crime tourism town: John Dillinger and Al Capone famously spent time in and ruled the city. But there's also plenty for horror fans to find in the Windy City.

Of course, there are many ghost tours, one of which even combines the gangster and ghost tourism draw for its aptly named Gangsters and Ghosts Tour.

But here, I'd like to highlight some smaller spooky spaces that interest those of us who want to make our own tours.

Located on the border of Logan Square and Avondale, The Brewed is a horror-themed coffee shop with a name that's a pun on David Cronenberg's The Brood from 1979. The Brewed offers a lovely assortment of coffee, tea, and Italian sodas, as well as a variety of tasty pastries with options for all diets.

The Brewed

While the collectibles in The Brewed aren't for sale, Bric a Brac offers patrons the option to buy figures from franchises ranging from Alien to Xena and other collectible items like trading cards.

Bric a Brac Records & Collectibles

The Horror House has a great stock of new and old figures, the requisite DVDs and blu-rays, and a small VHS selection that offers some niche titles.

The Horror House

Bucket o Blood has records, movies in almost every format, comics, books, and more. The selection for all items varies from brand-new releases to used copies (they also take trade-ins and offer store credit!).

Bucket o Blood Books and Records

Wormhole is less specifically interested in horror but more dedicated to the 1980s than The Brewed. Posters line the walls, including original Ghostbusters and Aliens posters and a lovely portrait of the one and only Winona Ryder from the late 80s, and to top it off, the shop houses a scale replica of Back to the Future‘s Delorean.

Wormhole Coffee

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