10 Sports Films That Hit it Out of the Park

Hollywood has produced some incredible sports films over the years. 

We come to our sports movies to be uplifted and to understand why we sit through hours of these games in the first place. So let’s talk about ten of the best sports films out there today. 

For Love of the Game

It’s just a movie about a man rounding out his career in a sport that views age as a death sentence and showing his worth, while looking back on his life and trying to figure out if he thinks it was all worth it. 

Fighting With My Family

Sure one might argue that wrestling is not a sport but to those people, I say “you’re wrong” which is why Fighting With My Family made the cut. 

Friday Night Lights

Why Friday Night Lights works in both the movie and TV format is because it isn’t just about winning, it is about making a team work together in every sense. 

Field of Dreams

While the movie itself is more based around the idea of the sport, it is a classic and one of the best movies made.