Spotify Premium Family Plan: 8 Things To Know

The cost is just $16.99 a month. This is one of the most effective plans ever launched by Spotify. 

Price and Eligibility

Number of Members

The subscription allows up to six members who live under a single roof to join the Spotify Premium Family Plan. As a family plan manager, you can invite five more members to join. All family user accounts are separate, and all users can download and have unlimited skip features.

Address Verification

After receiving an invitation to join the Spotify Premium Family Plan, you must enter the same address and verify you live under the same roof. 

How It Works

You need to buy a Spotify Premium Family Plan and send invitations to your family members through a social platform or direct message. After they accept the invitation and verify their address, the invited member will be added to your Premium Family Plan.

Separate Accounts

After the verification process is complete, each member will get their own account. All listing history, playlists, and liked songs are personalized.

Invitation Rejection

Spotify will only accept an invitation to join a family plan if you have proof of address. Ensure you enter the same address as your account manager; otherwise, Spotify will reject your application.

Inviting Members

Open the Premium Family Plan section on Spotify and tap on “add someone.” Now, you will see multiple options to share invitation links with your family members. The invited members need to log in or create an account and verify their address to join your family plan.