52 Creative and Simple Spring Cleaning Tips 

When summer comes around, you will want to enjoy the weather, so get a head start and think about what your home needs this season.

Make time in your regular cleaning schedule or add additional time for tasks that will take longer than you usually set aside. Start by adding smaller jobs to your to-do list during the week, and tackle the more significant projects on the weekends.

Scheduling your spring cleaning makes what may seem like an impossible task very possible indeed. Keeping an organized plan will allow you to approach cleaning one step at a time, and this will help you focus on the little details in each space you want to tend to.

Set up a Schedule

Clean room by room, space by space, throughout your home. The more organized you are about working through your areas, the better the house will turn out when you are finished!

Clean Room by Room

Make a donation pile and trash pile for each space. Then you can easily reorganize and get rid of everything when you are finished in each area.

Declutter and Organize Each Space in Your Home

Take these spring cleaning goals, and pair them down to the essentials that should happen daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Prioritize those necessities as you go through the year.

Set New Cleaning Habits for Yourself & Your Family

This is the perfect time to plan for seasonal chores such as cleaning the grill and setting up the yard for warmer weather. You can also clean the gutters and swap out seasonal clothes, curtains, and decor for the coming warmer months.

Take Care of Any Seasonal Items on Your List

The best way is to hit them together to remove the dirt and dust. If you only have one mat, you can hit it against the house. After that, hose it down, let it dry, and then vacuum the front and back of the mat to ensure it's all clean.

Clean off Your Doormats

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