30 Spring Crafts for Kids That Are Simple, Fun, and Sweet

Spring is here, and it's time to get out the craft supplies to celebrate. Spring crafts for kids are a great way to connect with kids of all ages.

I love setting up a craft table on the back porch. That way, we get to enjoy the beautiful weather and a bit of creativity.

These spring craft ideas include gardens, animals, flowers, rain, bugs, and butterfly creations. Add a few creative art pieces to your kindergarten, preschool, or toddler springtime activities plan.

Celebrate spring with an art project everyone can eat. Fill a pot (cleaned thoroughly) with chocolate pudding and crunched-up chocolate cookies. Stick an artificial flower in the “dirt” and add a couple of gummy worms to the top layer.

Flower Pot Dessert

A mini terrarium necklace screams spring craft for kids! It brings nature right to your heart, and it's unique. You'll need mini glass jars, seeds, dirt, and twine.

Terrarium Necklace

Draw the outline of a rainbow on a white piece of paper (or have your kids do it themselves). Next, set out construction paper (use all the rainbow colors), scissors, and glue. Let your kids cut colored pieces and attach them to the rainbow.

Rainbow Collage

Using toilet paper rolls, some paper, and yarn, make an umbrella craft that you can use to protect your kids' favorite little dolls from a pretend rain storm.

Umbrella Props

Use toilet paper rolls to make flower stamps. All you need to do is cut strips of different sizes in the top 1/3 of a toilet paper roll. Next, fold back the cut pieces to create a flower-like design. Dip the stamp in paint, then stamp it onto paper.

Flower Stamps

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