Every Star Trek Movie Ranked (and Where to Stream Them)

It’s hard to believe that a little, low-budget science fiction show that was canceled after only 80 episodes (counting the unaired pilot The Cage) has spawned a huge cultural movement, thousands of hours of television, and 13 movies! 

Star Trek is the proverbial “little engine that could,” embedded in the geek culture of at least three generations. 

Here’s my ranking of the films, best to worst. Your mileage may vary. 

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

The story did what Trek did best – looked at the future while dealing with universal themes of actions having consequences, fatherhood, and sacrifice. 

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

The story picks up shortly after the events of Star Trek III and echoes the first film; an alien probe is orbiting Earth, destroying everything around it. 

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

This is the last film with the majority of the original cast. The humor and high-stakes adventure, reminiscent of The Voyage Home, also made this one a fan favorite.