‘Star Wars: Eclipse’ Cinematic Trailer Reveals High Republic Era Game in Development

During the 2021 Game Awards, Lucasfilm launched a cinematic trailer for Star Wars: Eclipse, a new High Republic era game in development with Quantic Dream. 

The trailer showcases the stunning game design, set to the beat of a heart-pounding and ominous drum. 

The game marks The High Republic era's first official entry into the gaming area, following brief gameplay interludes in Star Wars: Tales from Galaxy's Edge

If the trailer wasn't enough indication, the site for Eclipse explains that the game is set in the Outer Rim, where players will have an opportunity to shape their fates in an uncharted section of the galaxy with never-before-seen species and planets to discover. 

It also alludes to ongoing political tensions, which might tie in with some of the current situations playing out in The High Republic

In the midst of the somber and heavy atmosphere of the trailer, there is one glimmer of familiar light—Master Yoda!