10 Star Wars Fan Opinions That Are Universally Hated

Do you have an opinion about Star Wars that isn't mainstream? You've got company. Recently a fan asked, “What are your unpopular Star Wars opinions?”

They elaborated that opinions about liking or disliking the sequels don't count. Here are the top-voted responses. 

One person said, “Star Wars is in better hands with Disney than it would be if it were still with George Lucas for two significant reasons: The amount of live-action and animated content."

Star Wars With Disney Is Great

“Attack of the Clones is a good film. Yes, some of the dialogue is awful, but I enjoy Anakin and Padme‘s romance. The scenes involving Anakin and his mum are sad but done well.”

Attack of the Clones Is a Good Film

“Reva wasn't a badly written character,” stated one. However, another suggested, “I think it would be much better if we knew she was planning to kill Vader from the start.”

Reva Wasn't a Badly Written Character

Many agreed with the sentiment, “Star Wars would be better without the fandom.” One person said, “Oh, yeah, the Star Wars fandom is objectively one of the worst, most toxic fandoms out there.” 

Star Wars Fandom Sucks

"Instead of charging boldly in new creative directions, they seem stuck with old eras and old characters, content to only give us repeat story beats and diminishing returns,” shared one user. 

Star Wars Is Past Its Prime

“Episode I shouldn't exist, but its story should still be canon. Episode II should be Episode I, and an alternate Episode II should have been set during the Clone Wars,” expressed one user.

Episode I Should Not Exist

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