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A Definitive List of Star Wars Filming Location

The Star Wars Universe feeds the imagination like no other movie dynasty. From the original film, later subtitled A New Hope, and onwards, George Lucas knew that he would need to find some epic places to serve as a backdrop to his new fantasy world.

The iconic deserts of Tattooine put Tunisia firmly on the map in 1977; since then, Wookie lovers have been embarking on pop-culture pilgrimages to the valley of the Tuskan raiders, Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen’s troglodyte cave-house, or the great dunes of the east, famous for C3PO’s “Over here!” moment.

However, since Lucas’s epic original trilogy, the new movies went further afield in their quest to find even more epic locations. This only increased after Disney’s acquisition, and the rest of the world is now part of Star Wars legend.

Here is a list of incredible Star Wars shooting locations.

In 2014, Icelandic news reported that a certain Wookie was seen filming in the glaciers around the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano. This would later be revealed as the grand-scale First Order Starkiller Base on the ice planet of Ilum, supposedly rich in kyber crystals. 

Eyjafjallajökull National Park, Iceland. Episode VII

Rub' al Khali Desert, Abu Dhabi. Episode VII

This part of the Arabian Peninsular lies at the top of the world's largest uninterrupted mass of sand dunes — 250,000 square miles, to be exact.

Finn's shipwrecked deserter marks the opening shot of that famous trailer, and the scale of the dune sea around him is quite unnerving.  

Skellig Michael, Ireland. Episode VII and Episode VIII

An iconic shot in Star Wars movie canon is when Rey hands Luke back his lightsaber. The backdrop in this scene is the stuff of fantasy: emerald-covered granite islets out in the middle of the ocean and draped in sea mist — the perfect hiding place for a beleaguered Jedi master.

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