Porgs & Rancors & Banthas, Oh My!, ‘Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures’ is a Creature Lover’s Dream Come True

Sometimes the best part of a Star Wars story isn't the main characters, but the adorable creatures they come in contact with. 

From porgs to mynocks, blurggs, and charhounds, the galaxy (far, far away) is filled with adorable creatures.

An adventurous new droid named SF-R3 (“Aree”) is here to teach children all about the adorable—and sometimes intimidating—creatures that make the Star Wars universe so special. 

Aree is a member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts who is journeying across the galaxy to learn everything there is to know about wildlife. 

For any sequel era fans, this may remind you of Terryl Whitlatch's beloved and wonderfully illustrated in-universe field guide, The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide

The new series, Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures,  is aimed at children and it will air on YouTube on Star Wars Kids