20 ‘Star Wars’ Moments That Made Us Cry

When it comes to Star Wars, we are used to big fights and action sequences that keep us entertained and engrossed in the story. But we’ve also come to know the franchise for emotionally destroying our hearts. 

It’s gotten even worse in recent years, with Star Wars just constantly bringing tears to our eyes with each new Star Wars movie. That love and attachment we have for the franchise has led to some incredibly heartbreaking and heartwarming moments.  

So, let’s break down some of the best moments in the Star Wars series that made us cry uncontrollably. 

Mando saying goodbye to Grogu

Watching as Luke Skywalker took Grogu away from a crying Din is seared in my brain for every and always. Just full-on tears first thing in the morning because a little green baby had to say goodbye to his dad. 

Ben Solo shrugging like his dad

He managed to use the power of both his mother and father to come back to the light and watching as Ben Solo got his lightsaber and SHRUGGED like Han did? 

Leia watching her planet blow up

And yet Leia remains strong so no one sees her weakness and there’s something about that entire sequence that just breaks my heart.