The Most Star Wars-Obsessed States

To determine the most Star Wars-obsessed states, Shane Co. totaled and researched 217 search terms in the following categories, heroes/Jedis, villains/Sith, locations, vehicles, and alien races.

As a result, they determined which states searched the most Star Wars-related topics and the most popular ones by category.

The search terms were collected in February of 2022, tracking searches over the last three years for each term from February 2019 to February 2022.

#5 California

Not only does it make the list, but the state is home to original filming locations of the Forest Moon of Endor (Del Norte County) and various scenes on Tatooine (Death and Buttercup Valley).

#4 Colorado

Behind California is Colorado, and surprisingly, their most searched location isn’t Hoth.

# 3 Oregon

In third place is Oregon. Following suit with California and Colorado, the most searched hero is the most famous astromech droid in the galaxy, R2-D2.

#2 Washington

California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington all share droids as their most searched hero/Jedi. California, Oregon, and Washington share “The Last Jedi” as the most searched TV Show/Movie.

#1 Utah

This is the first state in the top five not to have a droid as its most searched Hero/Jedi. The search terms that cracked the top of Utah’s list are more popular ones, contrary to the other states that showed lesser-known terms.

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