‘Star Wars’ Unveils New ‘Galactic Pals’ Kid’s Series and Mattel Plush Toy

M1-RE (“Miree”), the beloved member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts that took the world by storm with her adorable micro-series Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures, is back in an all-new animated kid's micro-short series Star Wars Galactic Pals—and there are toys to go along with it!

Yesterday, Lucasfilm revealed the first two episodes of the micro-short series entitled “Wookiee” and “Ewok” over on their Star Wars Kids site. 

The episodes feature bright-colored animation and clever dialogue that’s all about how to care for and engage with all of the most precious younglings around the galaxy.

From Gungans to Ewoks to Porgs, there’s a wide variety of creatures to learn about alongside Miree.

While SF-R3 (“Aree”) doesn’t make an appearance in the first two episodes, hopefully, he will make an appearance in a later episode! 

For folks who may not have watched Galaxy of Creatures, Aree is dedicated to cataloging wild creatures around the galaxy, while Miree is a little more interested in studying creatures and alien species that are living outside of their home planet’s habitats and identifying common species behaviors between them. 

The esteemed Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts was founded in the midst of the age of exploration during the High Republic era, by scientists that traveled out the frontier world to research for the Republic.

Miree is a little less scientific, focusing more on teaching younglings deep breathing techniques, music, and reasserting how important it is to have a bedtime routine. 

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