Our 10 Favourite Star Wars Women

Women have always played a huge part in Star Wars stories, and the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+ has been no exception.

In celebration of these wonderful women, here are ten of our favorite female characters in the Star Wars universe:

Enfys Nest is one of the more obscure women of Star Wars, but no less important. She is the terrifying leader of the Cloud-Riders – a group of pirates who set out to disrupt and raid Imperial transports while also seeking revenge on Darth Maul’s crime syndicate, Crimson Dawn.

Enfys Nest

Lina Soh

Advocating strongly for peace and cooperative coexistence, Lina works hard to extend the reach of the Republic and invite Outer Rim territories into its fold.

She defeats the Emperor, redeems Ben Solo, and in the end, she honors Luke and Leia Skywalker by putting their blades to rest and taking up their mantle for her own.

Rey Skywalker

Fennec Shand

We find her alive and kicking in The Book of Boba Fett. Here she acts as Fett’s right hand in bringing down the corrupt criminal syndicates of Mos Espa and installing a new order. Fennec is calculating, clever, and deliciously competent. Definitely, a woman not to be messed with!

A youngling betrayed by her hero. A girl from the gutter. A Grand Inquisitor. A Jedi. Reva Sevander’s tragic story brings her face to face with the darkest parts of herself. But ultimately, she emerges triumphant.

Reva Sevander

Satine Kryze

Satine is the one person in Star Wars who says “no” to war, and in doing so, she challenges us to examine the quality of our own morality.

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