10 Big Stars People Stopped Idolizing Because of Their Life Choices

They say one should never meet their hero. Often, this is right. A person may be entertaining, funny, sweet, and loving in the face of the media. But in reality, they may be terrible people with no regard for anyone else. 

Just as everyday people can be mean and hostile is the same way celebrities can be, too. Unfortunately, some don't care that many people look up to them. 

Then again, everyone has the right and freedom to change their role model once they see their true colors. These are 10 celebrities people stopped idolizing because of their life choices. 

Someone says, “Morrissey's narcissist bleating got old long before he came out as a Nazi.” Other fans sound bitter about his dominant narcissistic trait. 


According to a funny informant, “he is a whiny man child when things don't go his way who grooms underage girls. He is like the Matt Gaetz of the hip-hop/rap.”


One says, “My ex-GF turned me on to Dr. Phil. At first, it was entertaining, but I later asked myself, is he helping these people or just exploiting their problems for our entertainment? Seems to be the latter.”

Dr. Phil

Everyday findings have shown that Dr. Dre should not be emulated. The Hip-Hop goon is a “chronic” abuser, according to reports from the women he has been with, along with allegations from his ex-wife, Nicole Young. 

Dr. Dre

Yes, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but sometimes, you should. The fact that Manson half-named himself after psycho-killer Charles Manson says enough.

Marilyn Manson

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