New Job? 5 Things You Should Never Do 

There are several obvious things you shouldn't do in a new job — like complaining about your old job, gossip, coming in late, and other faux pas.

But there are also some not-so-obvious behaviors you should avoid, too.

Steering clear of the following five behaviors will won't guarantee you success early in your new job – but it can't hurt.

Landing a new job is exciting, but sometimes it can embolden us to make poor impulsive decisions. You may, for instance, feel tempted to announce your new job immediately. However, it’s better to wait on these announcements, especially in contract positions.

Acting On Impulse.

Don't—at least, not yet. Work should be your highest priority when starting a new job because those first few weeks will prove whether or not you're a good fit. The compromise? Meet your colleagues, show you're a diligent worker, and let friendships form organically.

Forming Immediate Relationships.

Asking for help feels uncomfortable, but it is crucial in any position. Although we’re eager to show our expertise, there's nothing wrong with vulnerability. You’ll never know everything about a new position, so why pretend?

Not Asking For Help.

Even if you're an open book with friends, you shouldn't be so candid at work, especially with your boss or bosses. You want your leaders to look at you professionally.


While some of the aspects of your work culture may be explained to you, like, say, what time you need to come into the office, others will not be. Be sure to pay attention to social norms and mimic those of people around you, at least until your reputation is set.

Ignoring Norms.

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