If Nobody Wants to Work, Why Do So Many People Have Multiple Jobs?

A quick Google news search for the popular phrase, ‘the great resignation’ returns a mere twenty-two million headlines. But that's a little misleading. 

A deeper dive revealed the truth – yes, many folks left their jobs in the time of pandemic remote work. But many found new opportunities, not to work less, but instead double – or even triple down. 

What at first glance seems to be a great resignation, was, in many cases, something much bleaker and more chaotic. 

A significant number of people did not so much resign, as quit one employer to work multiple jobs. The new normal centers around Remote Work Mania. 

Working Harder – Not Smarter

On the subreddit r/overemployed there are several tips and tricks for managing two full-time jobs or many jobs. A common theme was working in multiple time zones. 

For example, one Redditor from the east coast explained how they worked a full-time job, then worked part-time for a California company, and had a third gig with a UK company. 

A 2019 Pew study found Americans ranked having a career they loved as more important than anything else in life. Amassing a fortune instead of a meaningful relationship has become endemic to the US. 

Another post that highlighted the grim reality of working multiple jobs was in the Overemployed Subreddit, “How many people work two full-time jobs?” 

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