Stop Fighting About Money: 8 Steps Couples Can Take

Married or not, couples need to address the problems at the heart of their financial disagreements and start communicating. Otherwise, these issues may fester and grow. 

The chances are that quarreling over finances isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun date night. Before the next money fight erupts, check out these tips for learning how to stop fighting about money. 

Changing the way you talk about money

When you’re discussing money or any hot-button issue, for that matter, the main goal of a productive talk is to really listen to each other and try to understand each other’s point of view, as opposed to jumping to conclusions or making accusations. 

Setting up a budget together

Planning helps both partners agree on how much needs to be set aside for retirement or a down payment on a house and how much you each can allocate to spend as you individually see fit. 

Being open and honest

When we want to avoid conflict, it’s easy to omit key information. But even if a partner doesn’t outright lie about an expensive purchase or lending money to a family member, failing to share significant financial information can make the other partner feel like they’re being lied to and misled. 

Establishing some boundaries

Every couple will have different boundaries and limits. Still, by setting them (and then respectfully adhering to them), couples may stop feeling like they have to report their every financial move.