Car Mechanic Shares Genius Hack To Find and Stop a Leaky Tire

One of the most annoying things about car ownership is seeing your low tire pressure sensor light come on and not knowing which tire is the culprit.

Then, once you figure out which one is low, you have to determine where the leak is coming from, if it’s reparable, or if you need to go in and buy a whole new tire. 

This expert mechanic shares an easy hack that teaches you exactly how to find and stop a leaky tire, and all you need is soap, water, a car jack, and a tire repair kit. 

First, mix soap and water in a spray bottle and generously spray down the tire rubber.

Once it’s soaked with soapy water, look closely and see where extra bubbles are coming from, and you’ll have located your leak. Sometimes, you might have to rotate your tire and try a few times before finding the leak. 

Once the leak is located, this mechanic shared an easy solution as long as it’s not a nail or screw embedded in the tire.

Grab a car jack and lift the car off the ground to make the tire accessible. He removed the wheel from the car and grabbed his drill, equipped with a drill bit. 

He drilled a hole where the leak was and then inserted a plug or sealant into the opening he created. He cut off the excess material from the plug to make the plug flush with the rubber of the tire.

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