These 10 Strange Breakup Stories Will Leave You Speechless

Sure, people break up all the time and not every relationship is built to last. They break up over reasons ranging from “irreconcilable differences”, to cheating, to the feeling that they're bringing more to the table, even though a relationship is hardly ever 50/50 .

But has someone ever broken up with you for a really weird or silly reason and you just couldn't understand why they would do that?

Well, it happens to the best of us. These Redditors share their worst experiences and unbelievable reasons why their partner left them.

“She had been cheating on me for a while with a couple of guys and she hid it from me. So when she confessed, I mentioned that I needed a cigarette."

He “Breached” Her Trust

"And so she berated me for smoking and broke up with me because I ‘breached her trust' by smoking cigarettes when I had told her previously that I didn't smoke. It caught me so off guard that I actually started to feel bad. Until I hung up the phone and realized what had just happened."

This user explained: “My gran was dying of cancer and had literally days left. She (gf) wanted me to take her to a party instead."

He Refused To Take Her to a Party

"She wasn't happy at all when I said I needed to be with the family, so she broke up with me with ‘Maybe I'll find someone who values me more.'”

“It might have been valid because am not taking up your bills three weeks after we have met,” this user said. u/bullwinkle8088 commented, “That has become more common in recent years. Many who act like that have more than one person paying bills for them, so you may have dodged a bullet.”

She Was “Stingy”

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