The Can’t Miss Signs of Low Intelligence in People

Everybody has an opinion. The internet allows those opinions to be shared with the entire world. Sadly, not every idea needs to be shared. 

In fact, a large majority of them don't. The good news here, at least, is that it lets us quickly find out which opinions are coming from a place of low intelligence. 

No Curiosity Whatsoever

People that never ask questions or are not curious can seem disinterested. Here's the thing, they really aren't interested because they don't posses the capacity to be.  

Pointing Out “Big” Words

There is nothing more irritating than when people make fun of the way you speak. However, it could be a sign of low intelligence, when they make fun of you using more academic vocabulary.  

Having Main Character Syndrome

Some people like to assume they're the main character in life. They act like a television show and the entire universe revolves around them. Spoiler alert: it doesn't. 

Ignoring Facts That Don't Fit Their Narrative

By definition, a fact is something that is known or proven to be true. By ignoring facts because they don't fit your belief or narrative, you're demonstrating signs of low intelligence. 

Taking Everything As A Threat

We promise that the world isn't out to get you. There is no gigantic conspiracy against you; you're not George Costanza. The universe is not against you, as he once infamously said. 

Constantly Getting Into Public Arguments

We've never understood why people get into shouting matches in public places. Who are you trying to impress here? 

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