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Top Tips To Compare Supermarket Prices

To compare supermarket prices, it's important to look at the “per unit pricing” on every item you are buying.

By law, every supermarket must have a comparable price on its shelf so that you can literally compare the “apples to apples” price.

For example, let's say you are comparing two brands of granola bars. One box has 8 bars and the other has 10.

By comparing the “per ounce” prices on the shelf tag, you can easily see which one is the better value.

You probably know that in general, larger packages are sold at lower per-unit prices, but it isn't always true!

How To Compare Supermarket Prices

The most obvious exceptions are items that are “on-sale,” where literally a smaller package can be 10-80% less than the larger package of that product on a per ounce or per pound basis.

When you stop and look at items, some may have 4, 5, or even 6 different sizes available!

When you add coupon or discount savings to the offered price it can increase savings dramatically.

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