3 Things Superstar Employees Do Everyday That Average Employees Don’t

The employees that rise to the top are not necessarily from the best Ivy League schools or even the most intellectually inclined. 

However, they do have several things in common. These are the three personality traits that set superstar employees apart from others. 

They focus on relationships.

This relationship priority goes well beyond the common “never eat lunch alone” advice. Employees with the most impact understand that collaboration leads to the greatest success. 

They never act alone. Superstar employees always strategy test their ideas with coworkers, leverage the strengths of others, and embrace the power of teamwork. 

Positivity is their superpower.

Superstar employees know one thing for sure — nobody wants to hear what CAN NOT be done. While realistic and fact-based, they focus on what's working and find innovative solutions for what's not. 

While everyone else panics or complains, they remain resolute and make strategic recommendations to drive the business forward. All while remaining positive.